Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nail design help please.?

Every two weeks i go get my Full set of solar nails done.

I've had ALOT of different designs, since ive been getting them done like i said every 2 weeks for about 6 years.

Anyway, I'm tired of the same ol' thing i need something new.

any one have any ideas.

links would be awesome.Nail design help please.?
try vampire nails; you can either look on youtube for the video or do these steps:

1)paint your nails black...leave to dry.

2)paint another coat of black and leave until completely dry.

3)then get red nail polish and paint the tip of the nail.

4)after they're dry, get a toothpick and paint blood drips from the tip to the cuticles.

hope i could help!


Nail design descriptions?

What do the nail design options on the price listings mean at nail salons/spas? What do some of the options do?

for example:

pink %26amp; white


double french manicure


acrylicNail design descriptions?
Not sure about pink and white

fill is when you have had acrylics or gel nails put on and they start to grow out- they refill for you

don't know what the double is all about but french is white tips

airbrush is nail art

acrylic is a type of false nail
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  • Nail Design question?

    normally i just paint my nails one color. and sometimes i do stripes...but i was wondering if you had any ideas on what some simple designs would be that i could do at home. and what are some good colors for a tan skin tone?Nail Design question?
    i think you should do evey other nail a diffrent color but only use two diffrent polishes for example: pink nail, black nail,pink nail black nail. and the nail with the pink should have black stripes and the black nail should have pink stripes. that would be very cute! they also have new nail polish pens at Walmart in diffrent colors that are very easy to use.Nail Design question?
    You could try any color polka-dots on top of maybe a hot pink, lime green, or dark blue. I like neon colors (some of them are in right now). if you don't you could try a pink, red, sometimes purple, clear with color polka-dots, or just clear. You also try getting little gems and nail glue to stick them on. ;)
    Try polka dots, just dip the tip of a toothpick in the polish and dab on your nails. You can also do daisies the same way.
    Have 6 nails painted one cool color, and 4 other nails a different color.
    pink nail polish with black stripes or baby blue nail polish with a lil flower

    Nail design?

    im gonna get my nails done and i need soem cute ideas, im 13 but not getting acrylics. My nails are not long but not super short. pictures are great but im not ino tacky hoever finds the cuteset nail idea will get my best answer vote. Thanks soo much!Nail design?
    If you're into holiday stuff, get a neutral color nail polish with silver decorations like little trees. Subtle, not tacky, and very cute!Nail design?
    love the gems, cute designs for the holidays are cheap
    A ed backround with some different colored dots as lights for christmas...or red and green srtipes
    i love nail art...!

    here is one site..its got all types of art..browse the galleries-


    good luck

    Help with a nail design.?

    I am getting my nails done tomorrow and I'm doind either all black with a design on one nail or black french with a design on one nail. Can anyone give me pictures of designs that could work?Help with a nail design.?
    I like the black french with a thin strip of colored sparkles between the tip and the base of the nail, like a bright red or pink. Then on one nail I'd get a sparkly rose of the same accent color.Help with a nail design.?

    return the favor

    Which nail design look better?

    i drew the design. i'm going to the nail salon. which one would you prefer. i still haven't decided. here's the link http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz35/delilahsaurs/naildesign2.jpgWhich nail design look better?
    I like the one on the right. I didn't even realize pink, black, and white went with each other until now. Oooh I might have to go to the nail salon and get those colors now since pink is my favorite color ;)Which nail design look better?
    haha those are some funny looking hands

    i think the one on the right except with a white tip and the thin line black would be better though.

    The one on the right is sooo cute.


    whos prettiest
    I prefer the first one really good.
    Well, the one on the left side with the yellow flowers looks better but i really don't like either of them. hope my opinion helps!
    hate both of them, dont get either......
    cant get there but im sure they are great
    Same they are both VILE :O
    I don't like either, sorry.
    Second one.

    Help Nail Design?

    Could any of you give me some cute Nail designs. I always do the white tip! and its getting a little tired of. Or do you think the white tip with the pink gel is cute.. Im getting my nails done Tomorow and I need some cute tips. If you can find pictures that would be nice. If not thats cool But i would like some cool new ideasHelp Nail Design?
    you could get fake nails but if you dont want to do that you could get some kind of design that you like and ask if they could do that on your nails or do polka dots or somethin like this on your nails...


    but its ttly up to u. hope they turn out good.Help Nail Design?
    i always do mine black or red
    Is a white tip with a shimmery pinkish/ nude base, and and a curved line following the line of the tip in a hot pink. Sorry i searched but i couldn't find any pics.

    Or you could always do the classic glitter tip. You know like a french with a sparkly pink instead of the white tip.
    first i should warn you...i have a very unique sence of fashion.....more or less like gwen stafani...but i think it would be reatlly cute to have a solid black or white with all sorts of colored polka dots or just one color polka dots...but thats just me....hey, i might try that myself....but if ur not into that....just ask for a really cute design..im sure they have some to choose from right? good luck with your nails**


    hope this helps :]
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